Our Coffee

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Guatemala- Jiminez Y Vasquez:

A wonderful deep roast from Guatemala! Grown at an elevation of 1700 meters, this coffee has a fascinating combination of cocoa, dark chocolate and concord grape undertones. The flavors are vibrant but well balanced with a great deal of sweetness. This dark roast is a tad heavier than our Ethiopian coffee, and is enjoyed by many.

Ethiopian Sidamo ARDI:

A lovely coffee from Ethiopia. Grown at an elevation of 1700-1900 meters,the ARDI has strong flavor notes of berries, chocolate, and lavender. A little different from our Costa Rican roast, the ARDI leans toward the lighter tasting side of coffees.

Our Other Coffees:

Our Prime Espresso Beans are a combination of coffee beans from Mexico and El Salvador, mixed and roasted to bring out the best flavor in the bean when pressed and extracted on our espresso machine. For those who enjoy coffee,but are not as excited about caffeine, we have a Decaf Honduras Occidente coffee available. This sweet, balanced, and full tasting decaf coffee has been decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process, which means no chemicals were added during the decaffeinating process.

Our Roaster:

We are proud to say that we get our coffee from the Abbey Coffee Co. The owner, Chris DeMarse is as passionate about sourcing and roasting coffee well as we are about fighting human trafficking, so our partnership is a perfect fit! For more information, check out Abbey’s website at : abbeycoffee.com